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  1. I also am having difficulties with visitation. The last day of my visitation my father passed away. I begged and pleaded with my kids father to let them stay a few days more under these circumstances and he refuses. Don't I have rights? and what are they? its immediate family aren't they allowed extra time and time off from school? doesn't my mother have rights to also allow my kids the opportunity to grieve because this man is heartless. my mother and father helped me raise them til now and their 8 and 11. he just all of a sudden won custody because he decided he wanted to be a father and had his mom and dad to pay and bribe the courts and my kids still don't live with him. my babies need grieving time are they allowed it?
  2. I have joint legal custody with my childrens father. He does have physical custody. MY father passed away which is the kids maternal grandparent. Their father refuses to let them stay a few extra days to grieve. What are my legal rights or my mothers rights as a grandparent? concerning the children staying with us. they would be missing school.
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