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  1. I figured this could be construed as some sort of religous discrimantion. I think I mgoing to tyr and put in for the material again and see what happens.
  2. They dont have to of course.. but im not in contact with a priest on the outside. i did write a church where my affiliated group meets up but the never contacted me back. I'm alone in this matter. But there are certain site one can goto to get the religous material. And they will not help me. but they haveprinters and everything here. ive asked them if i can have somebody send me in materia throughthe mail. which theycan look through. but when i askedif it be Wiccan, pagan material they asked what does tht haveto do with? I said Witchcraft, and ancient tribal beliefs. they sid its not allowed here.... but its religous material.. I'm lost as to what to do about this situation.
  3. If a person sees a cop behind them and that police car turns around without signaling in anyway to them is that fleeing? ..I think just because police car turns around behind you doesnt mean they are wanting to talk to you.. but im not sure? does police car have recorded material that would show tey turned thier lights onor signaled electronically in anyother way?
  4. The chaplains only seem to have Islamic... christian.. catholic... stuff... nothing else it seems.. i dont seem to have an acess either because they will not help me.
  5. Yes i have asked for religous materialfor what i follow. The chaplains said they do nothave acess to the material
  6. There was a large blank screen whee you had said "look at this" i couldnttell what it is.
  7. I'm sorry but is hard to find exactly what im looking for pertaining to the question. i cant find the statuesfor the crime orhow muchtime somebody could get for he associated crime.
  8. Its hard tosearch the forums im still trying to get used to this site. I dont know how many people use this site but i assume there are a lot. But if im not qualified..does this mean that ifi go to prison.. even if i doclasses and all that to get GCC i wont be eligable?
  9. Im charged with Attempt Murder, Ag Bat with great bodily harm, Ag dom bat, and ag unlawful restraint. can i get good conduct credit?
  10. In Winnebago County Jail (WCJ) Illinois, I have tryed to get religous material from the chaplains.. and asked if i could have books sent in pertaining to religous stuuf... nothing violent or promoting violence.. I'm thinking about filing a lawsuit over it.. but im not sure what i should start within this situation.. Help?
  11. WCJRaven


    So can i redo my Supression of confession or investigatory stuff? If itis struck down by the state can i appeal it?
  12. An associate here in WCJ Winnebago County Jail. Ill. was aressted in the middle of thenight because hes on video the detects say... walking out of walgreens ad theres a manager saying he saw him... where cani find the codes for this crime?
  13. Ifyou posted a video i cannot see the video because theadmin o thie computer does not allow videos to come through and i do not know how to bypass it.
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