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  1. ok. So here is the deal. In October I got hurt at work and settled with workmans comp out of court. My ex wife got wind and took me to court because I was behind on child support. My comp attorney sent over a letter saying I was getting a settlement. Well the person that printed out my letter thought she heard me say I was getting 9500 so she added it to the letter instead of it just saying a settlement. I picked up the paper the morning of court didn't look at it Get to court and turned it into evidence. The judge made his order of 4000 to be paid to ex wife off the order and sent a copy to my attorney . My attorney then sent me a letter saying that he is going to send the judge a letter with the correct amount on it. He said at worse I am perpuating the court and at least it was an innocent mistake. I am getting 77000. I owe 12k in back support. What would I be charged with? will I get arrested or a supena? also should I come clean to the judge and just pay the back support?
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