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  1. After 4 years of a "bad" relationship, i moved on. Im 2 years into an incredibly happy and now engaged relationship..with a woman. She loves my children I think "more" than me...ok by me tho haha!! Treats them as her own but yet respects their father and kbows her place in our lives. Her family treatsmy boys like their own. I have no doubt that they will grow into great men now! We have the home the schedule the routine the family life that makes me a better person and mother. Not that "she"(partner) is all to thank, but its the healthly happy way of living life and posotivity she showed me that alone opened a brand new path for me. He lost all control of me so the kids are the last bit of control he has over me. He tells the boys they are not to be in the car with her, she is not to pick them up from school or attend sporting events. He takes their uniforms or halloween costumes to make sure they go with him. She politely backs out of attending to save fight in front of the boys..who are 5 n 6....it goes on and on.. no couet order or had we ever been married. PLEASE HELP OR AT LEAST SOME WORDS OF WISDOM. Im 26 she is 37. The boys mean the world to her and i see the toll its taking on ALL OF US. ...we never keep the boys from him and she still says how great of a dad he is to the boys, NEVER saying ill hearted things about him. She even buys him things for the boys to give him..ie. fav team hat, picture frame n puts their pict. To give. Trust we are no angels, but evil, hateful, degrading we have NEVER BEEN! thank you to all out there listing!!
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