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  1. Thank you for the replies. I do care about the rules of the road and I do my best to abide by the law but I made a mistake, and I am concerned and just want to fix it. I am very sorry I did leave some information out, it is my first time on the forum so I was not sure what information was needed/how this works. After my bond was posted, I attended court and was found guilty. So I have been convicted. If I understand correctly, my only option is to appeal this decision?
  2. I was stopped in the state of Kansas for speeding and no liability insurance (on me at the time, but I did have insurance) and was arrested for 2 unpaid tickets I had out. To be honest, I am a student and had no money to pay them and one of them I had completely forgotten about. I was booked and released on bond. It was my first time and my record is absolutely clear except for a few speeding tickets. How can I reverse my Guilty charge? Or dismiss this or get my case expunged (I don't want to wait 3 years). I am not familiar with my options to get rid of this. What are my options and how can I make this go away? Thanks.
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