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  1. Question.....If an Arrest Warrant is issued for you and you come in of our own free will do you still have to be read your rights? Mug Shot, FIngerprints....but no Reading of Rights took place. Just wondering if this can affect the case against the individual.
  2. What can anyone tell me about "Unlawful Messaging Felony Charge" in Michigan? Probably Jail time. Precident?
  3. If you are charged with a Felony, it is possible to accept a reduced charge of a Misdemeanor, correct? Felony charge doesn't have to remain a Felony? Thanks.
  4. Investigation is going on into a possible Computer Crime. No Charges filed as of yet. Investigation has been going on for over 2 months. Charges could be a Felony with up to a year of jail time. Should the Accused have already hired an Attorney or wait until arrest, if there is one?
  5. Thanks. So electronics seized like laptop, phone, tablet, etc... don't have to be returned for up to 6 years.....wow....and they don't have to decide on pressing charges until then either?
  6. What's the Statute of Limitations on Section 750.411s?
  7. Is there a time period for Police to return property seized with a Warrant in an investigation? If no charges have been filed how long do they have to keep your property?
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