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  1. I currently have soul custody of my Daughter who is going to be turning 18 in less than two months. Her Father pays 70% of her non reimbursed Medical, He wants me to pay his deductible which is his family deductible before she can have a CT scan. Am I responsible? No I haven't met my $250 I'm responsible for. Also, Does he keep insurance on her until she is the age of 26 or does it stop at 18? It costs him nothing to keep her on it. It will cost me an additional $175 a month to add her on mine. Then The child support, She will be going to College in the Fall can he be required to keep Child support and Insurance on her since she will be a full time student? This is not in our divorce decree, so I know I will have to take him back to court. He also hasn't seen her in 7 years all he has done is pay child support some what and keep insurance on her.
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