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  1. Contract stipulated what broker, Licensee must do when listing property. Those are all stipulation on what broker must do and does not restrict me. This part is only part that could put restrictions on me, the seller. "Seller agrees to comply with the rules of the MLS and State of KY regulations." If there are no rules of MLS or State of Ky regulations that restrict me then the broker's assertion that I cannot advertise outside the MLS is totally false. Outside of State Law there is nothing in contract forbiding me to advertise. I think you answered the paragraph above. Thank You!
  2. I purchased a flat fee mls listing through on a website. They advertise that if you do not sell through buyer agent you can sell free of this charge. Local agent they referred me to that will post listing says you cannot advertise on another similar site. Does Kentucky MLS law restrict me from advertising fsbo outside of MLS?
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