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  1. My ex and I have been divorced for almost 6 yrs, and we've got a custody order ( I have sole primary & we share legal) & visitation order in place. For the past few months, it has become a major struggle to get my son (he's almost 12 yrs old) to wanna go to his father's for his scheduled visitations. And when I say struggle, I mean a full blown anxiety meltdown!!! Recently, my son tried talking to his father about having the option to choose to attend his visits (my son was told via his counselor, that when he turns 13, the courts would give him the choice of doing visits or not), and as I'm sure you can imagine, that conversation didn't go well. It ended basically with my ex threatening my son that he (the ex) would fight him (my son) tooth and nail in court, it would cost my son $5,000 and he'd (ex) would win and take full custody away from me, costing my son to lose me and it will cost my son his fathers side of the family through the duration of the proceedings. There have been many issues between my ex & our son, so much so that my son suffers major panic & aniety from the way my ex treats our son. My question is,....is there legitimately anything that we can do about visitation altering? Was the counselor correct in the fact that the courts would talk to my son & give him the option?? My ex has both myself & my son, in a matter of speaking, scared to reach out to a lawyer or the courts. Not sure where options we do have....if any to help my son. Concerned mother
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