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  1. Hello, My father is suffering from Lung cancer and it is aggressive. My father created a will through LegalZoom when he was first diagnosed but I have not seen that will. According to conversations we have had, he is excluding my Brother from the Will since they not spoken in 12-15 years. My brother lives in California currently. I live in PA and my father lives in NJ. He has a couple properties. Two in New Jersey and one in New Mexico. None of them have any financial obligations tied to them except for current year taxes. Two of my friend have recently lost loved ones and are both going through nightmares. Our one friend's mother passed away and a son that they had not seen in 20 years and was excluded from the will is now taking everyone to court so "he could get his share". The other friend's grandmother passed away and they are dealing with lawyers because of property tax. The friend with the grandmother has a forclosure and the state is coming to them saying that they can take the grandmother's house from them. Both of them have stressed that I really need to sit down with my father and a lawyer to go through everything. My concerns - What happens if my Brother after all this time thinks he should have any say in what happens to my father's properties? I have a bankruptcy under me and I am concerned that they can take my father's house because of that. I was trying to research but I couldn't find anything specific about NJ vs PA residents and what the laws were regarding that (or if it even matters). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Jamie
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