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  1. I have written documentation of her saying that her agreement to repay me the loan is null and void in her eyes because I started dating someone new.
  2. I lent my ex $5000 for a breast augmentation. It was money that I had received from a retirement fund. She had originally told me she planned to pay me back $150 per month until I was paid in full. I called the doctors office and paid the $5000 over the phone with them, so I have record of it on my bank statement. Since April 30, 2014, the date of the surgery, I have not seen any money from her. A year after the surgery she broke up with me because she wanted to see other men. As I had loaned her all of the money I had to my name, I continue to live paycheck to paycheck as I have given her all of my savings. She is now claiming that I gave her the $5000 as a gift for the surgery and that she does not have to pay me back. Do I have any legal standing here? Do I need more than just proof of payment through my bank statement if she is going to lie and say I gifted her the $5000? I want to take her to small claims court, but I am worried that because I have no written contract, I will be left with nothing.
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