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  1. Alright forget the fact about whether he has to give it back. What about whether he had the right to just pick it up off my table and take it and now after 3 weeks of silence he knows tells me, having the phone is as good as admitting there was a crime and that I was part off it. Because I was alone when he came here, I am getting a lot of scary advice about the fact that he can say just about anything he wants to! Yeah Yeah we all want to believe Police are for us and will not hurt us but that is not how this is going. Anything?
  2. I need to know whether a policeman coming to my home, accusing me of a crime that may not even be a crime, and taking my cell phone off the living room table and telling me he was taking it with him for evidence and would bring it back in a few days was legal. It has been 3 weeks and I have called him, with phones I have had to borrow, by the way, the phone was given to me by the state because I am disabled and in a wheelchair, which he saw and knows, so when I am alone it is the only way I have to call for help. He told me today that the phone is evidence and he does not ever have to return it to me. He said that my allowing him to take the phone, which was not even an option when he took it, he just took it, but he told me by letting him have it I as good as admitted to being involved in the "crime". Now I am scared and have no money to hire a lawyer but I need help! Can someone help me?
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