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  1. When google including the word theft or stolen I never saw a reference to that. Should I advise her to file a report with the police? She didn't tell me any of this in a timely manner. In looking at my phone records it was over a month ago.
  2. My tenant just recently needed a plumber to replace a faucet and thinks the plumber or his helper stolen a pair of earrings. She had left a key for the plumber to get in. A week later there was another need for the plumber to go to the residence. He showed up according to the tenant "wreaking of alcohol". These accusations came just after I got the quote and asked him to go fix the more recent issue. She says she wants to be there (understandably) and demands me have the locks changed. My recent reading says that her renters insurance and a report to the police are the ways to handle the alleged theft. What of the Demand for the lock change?
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