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  1. sorry its been a while since I posted. I've been worried about them 'enhancing' the charge to a felony. To answer a poster's question, he was on parole for burglary back when he was homeless. He broke into someone's car to sleep. So far it seems things will go ok for him. There is alot of evidence proving long term mental/emotional abuse from the person that he hit... not to mention, the other guy swung first (there are photos), plus the officer did an improper investigation (no doubt because he found out my friend is on parole). He has a good lawyer at this point and the lawyer is arguing alot of facts. I agree that people on parole dont have the same rights as others (Which is messed up all in itself) but its hard to argue against truth and facts. We should know in the next week or so if the DA will drop charges due to all of the evidence given to them. Thanks for your help guys.
  2. A friend of mine is still sitting in Tarrant County jail a month after an incident that happened on my property. His brother-n-law finally struck the wrong nerve and he gave him a black eye. The brother-n-law was asked multiple times to leave my property and he did not do so. He provoked my friend by telling him to "swing and take his best shot". My friend laughed at him and came back into my yard. He followed him on my property and eventually slapped at my friend. The 'witnesses' who wrote statements are my ex-husband (who is jealous of my friend), my friend's brother-n-law that received the black eye (there is a bad history between them) and my friend's sister (who is afraid to speak against her husband). The officer was a rookie officer (he told us that) and was alone on the scene for the most part. He gave the 3 of them a statement form and they corroborated together on the front end of a vehicle, shoulder to shoulder out of the officer's presence and discussed things as they wrote their statements. I personally witnessed them chatting between one another. The officer sat in his vehicle most of the time. He came over and spoke with me, my sister and my sister's bf and my sister asked to give her statement. He asked her "what for"? and she said "because I witnessed this entire thing and all your wanting to hear is their story". He finally gave her a statement form and rushed her along. I had a talk with the officer because I have 2 teenagers (one being my sister) and I have ALWAYS taught them to respect law enforcement however if they are treated poorly for no reason or treated as if they have no voice at all, its hard for them to to still feel the way I have taught them to feel. He apologized and told me about the stress he was under. My question is... arent the 'witnesses' supposed to be separated while being interviewed and writing statements? I texted my friend's lawyer and asked the same question and he said yes but I was wondering if there is any law enforcement on here that can shed some light on this for me. Thanks!!
  3. So basically I am feeling a little hopeless for him then. I guess I'll just let it play out. Thanks for yall's input.
  4. A friend of mine is currently on Parole and has picked up a new charge. He got into an altercation with his brother-n-law on MY property one afternoon. The brother-n-law was asked MANY times to leave by three different people and chose not to. His brother-n-law slapped at him and they got into a fight. He pressed charges on my friend who is on parole and they are currently holding him on a violation of parole. The current charge is a class A misdemeanor family violence (since they are related through marriage). He has a prior assault from 2004 when he was homeless. It was a Class A misdemeanor Assault Causes Bodily Injury and did 90 days in jail. I'm wondering 2 things... 1 - Would they be able to enhance this current charge since he received a charge 13 years ago? Or is there a statute of limitations on enhancing? 2 - Could they revoke his parole?? :-( Please help - I feel so bad for him and not sure what to do to help him.
  5. I have a 17 year old child that is a hit with the smaller children in our new neighborhood. They follow him, want him to play with him and so forth. He is full of energy so he enjoys playing with the children. Recently I've had an issue with our next door neighbor. My son "back talked" her one day and she has had it out for him since then. One afternoon several children were playing outside and HER daughter started pinching the boys butts (the daughter is 9). All of the children thought it was funny and started doing that to one another. The neighbor went ballistic on my son and she and my husband talked about it and from my understanding the situation was rectified. My son was told that he was no longer allowed to play with any children under the age of 13. 10 days later there were some boys in her backyard jumping on the trampoline. She told my son that he was welcome to go jump with them. A few minutes later I called him and told him to go home. Shortly after he left, her ex whom I have never laid eyes on before, came to my door when I was not home and threatened my son. He told him that he "molested" the girl and he would "mop the street with him". I was on my way home. The police were called and the man was issued a criminal trespass warning. They also issued a trespass warning to my son and said he was not allowed at their home. He explained to the officer that he was invited and the officer said it doesn't matter... just stay away from their home to avoid conflict. So he has done just that. Since this has happened, this woman has gone up and down our street telling the neighbors that my son is a pedophile and molested her daughter. She has told the girl that it is okay to say these things and she even went to the school and told kids in school that she was molested. Several of the neighborhood parents have approached me saying that they were there during the "hiney pinching" incident and they have known her long enough to know that she causes trouble in the neighborhood at least once a year. She told one of the other neighbors that "the legal issues arent over yet". I am so worried that she and her daughter have been going around fabricating all these stories so that they can cause trouble for my son. She is 30 and still thinks life is high school from my understanding. She lives with her mother and has a record of drug use and dwi's. She even hit a woman while drunk and caused the woman to miscarry! Unknowingly, I've moved into crazy ghetto town I guess (I've only had my home 11 months). What do I do if he's falsely accused and arrested?? Can I sue her for defamation or slander?
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