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  1. They paid me for 2016 year (Feb 16th to Feb 29th) & they wanted me to pay them back the entire amount including the taxes they put on this paycheck. They mentioned that they can't get tax from IRS & hence they want me to pay back that amount as well. I guess I just only need to pay them amount excluding Taxes. Please advise.
  2. Hi, I am on H1b & recently transferred to another employer. My previous employer has credited my last paycheck due to miscommunication from Payroll department. They reached for taking that amount back. However they requested me to pay entire amount including taxes & they told me that it will reflect in my W2 form this year. I told them I am not eligible to take salary as my new employer paycheck has been started for the period. Please suggest what should I do as I am ready to only pay amount that has been credited to my account & not the taxes for which I am not responsible for. Thanks, Raj Rayala
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