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  1. Do you think there is another way to go about this besides through international law? I am just having a hard time trying to figure out why an ICE hold would prevent him from taking classes. Education is supposed to rehabilitate inmates so that they may have a better chance of adapting to society when they get out. I feel as though it is wrong for them to prevent him from this opportunity. I have tried to research this issue, but had no luck of finding much.
  2. My father is in prison and he wants to take classes to help him rehabilitate himself. He had passed the test that allowed him to take classes but was unfortunately told that he could not take the classes due to an ICE hold. He has been trying to fight this but he has been denied. Is it legal to deny an inmate from education even with an ICE hold? He is a permanent resident and as of now, it has not been ruled that he will be deported or not. So technically he is still a permanent resident. I did some research, and there are International Laws that say it is a violation of rights to prevent an inmate from taking classes, whether they are an immigrant or not, however, I am not sure how to enforce international law. Could anyone give me some feed back please?
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