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  1. I did pay for the entire cruise, and it was my credit card they took $2,000 from. Not sure if this makes a difference.
  2. I live in Texas and my parents live in Australia. I am sorry about the italics. I cut and pasted from a word document and the italics happened during the pasting. I should have corrected it at that time, sorry. I guess my question is: do I have any kind of legal options? I was not considering any legal avenues, but as Norwegian has decided to ignore me, I am now considering pursuing something. I do feel like we were really wronged, and I would hate for anyone else to go through the same thing, as next time it could end very badly for someone.
  3. My father felt sick while onboard a Norwegian cruise. He went to the ships doctor, who insisted my dad go to the hospital in Belize. My dad said he would prefer to go to our cabin and rest. The doctor again insisted that my dad must go to the hospital as he could have a heart attack. I asked if someone was going to come with us because we had never been to Belize before and had no idea how to get to the hospital. The doctor said that we would have someone with us and the hospital would be expecting us. We got on the ferry that was to take us to shore and suddenly we found ourselves alone. When we arrived in Belize there was no one there to meet us. We asked the person who was in charge of the ferry and he went to find the lady that he said worked for NCL. He came back 5 minutes later with Evette. She was mad because she said no one had contacted her about the situation. She called her immediate boss who also said they didnt know anything. She said she would call a driver. We waited 15 minutes in the rain for the driver. The whole time I was crying because I thought my dad would have a heart attack any minute. When we got to the hospital they had no idea who we were. However, the cardiologist gave my dad several tests, and determined that he did not have a heart condition. He actually found nothing wrong with him and approved him to return to the ship. When we got back to the ship I asked the nurse what the correct procedure for sending someone to the hospital in a foreign country is and she said that an ambulance was supposed to be there to take us to the hospital. I asked who she called and she couldnt give me a name. It turns out that my dad has myeloma. He has a suppressed immune system and his risk of infection is extremely high. My dad got a cold from being out in the rain. He was actually hospitalized because of it when he got back to Australia. The rest of our trip was ruined because he was so sick. Usually he is the life of the party, but he laid in bed the rest of the time. Because he was sick my mother and I stayed with him the whole time. Over 6,000 on a cruise and then a huge 2,000 bill from the ship doctor (they did refund a 400 of it), and my dad got sicker because of it. I would never have gone on a Norwegian cruise if I realized that they leave people with life threatening illnesses alone in foreign countries to find their own way to the hospital.
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