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  1. Following the OP's request their account has been deleted. Locking this thread.
  2. FindLaw_JY

    Is 50-50 fair when one car ran a red light?

    Please keep it civil everyone. Time to move on.
  3. FindLaw_JY

    title a truck when previous owner has died

    @GlimmerQuest, I've removed the attached image and some personally identifying information from your opening post. Please feel free to continue though!
  4. FindLaw_JY

    Adjusterjack Redux

    That's odd. Go ahead and personal message this account a new password for Adjusterjack and I'll reset it manually.
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    FYI: I've removed the telephone number from the opening post. We recommend asking for responses on these boards instead. Thanks!
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    From Indiana to california recourse

    dark_angel_kitten_86, I've deleted your 3 blank posts. There wasn't anything in them beyond the quote formatting tags, so if you mean to post please do so again. Thanks!
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    double jepardy

    Keep the conversation on the legal topics everyone. There's no need for personality drama.
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    Can I take back a guilty plea!!!??

  9. FindLaw_JY

    Can I take back a guilty plea!!!??

    I've merged your two three topics into one thread for convenience's sake. Please continue!
  10. Hello. I've removed the photograph, as it was a bit graphic. But please do continue with the discussion.
  11. FindLaw_JY

    LLC for Agents Law

    Duplicate threads merged into this one.
  12. Split from previous topic
  13. FindLaw_JY

    Service dog workers compensation

    Let's keep the discussion on the actual case, everyone. You don't have to agree with everyone, but people will - and should - give their view as they see it.
  14. FindLaw_JY

    Are Well Checks Required?

    Alright, enough. Locking this thread. OP's posts are moderated for the remainder of the month.
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    I've removed the attached file and link; as some posters have stated it's best not to attach files on the internet.
  16. FindLaw_JY

    KY Petition for Declaration of Rights

    Split into a new topic from the old. Please continue!
  17. FindLaw_JY

    Can I access an oral argument tape?

    I've removed links and references to the case name at the OP's request. Please do continue on though.
  18. FindLaw_JY

    Driving with out licence

    (1) Spock9584's post has been deleted for, among other things, the last sentence of his post. He's also been banned from the site. (2) Please do not file reports to moderation to report users posting in old threads that have been bumped. That's not actionable in and of itself.
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    Let's keep on track with the subject at hand, everyone. You can disagree without dwelling at length on the extent of your disagreement with each other. I've removed the 'extraneous' posts.
  20. FindLaw_JY

    Wrongful death

    I've removed the file from the OP. In general, it's best to explain the situation first. Most people will be cautious about downloading files of unknown origin.
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    This thread is getting out of hand so I'm locking it. Please remember to keep it civil on these boards, everyone. This space is as pleasant as we make it - together.
  22. FindLaw_JY

    Animal Injury

    I've gone ahead and removed the photos from the opening post. Please feel free to continue the discussion.
  23. FindLaw_JY

    wife has my car can i go get my tag off

    Let's stick to the substance of the matter here, PG1067 and mstasha.