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  1. Following the OP's request their account has been deleted. Locking this thread.
  2. FindLaw_JY

    Is 50-50 fair when one car ran a red light?

    Please keep it civil everyone. Time to move on.
  3. FindLaw_JY

    title a truck when previous owner has died

    @GlimmerQuest, I've removed the attached image and some personally identifying information from your opening post. Please feel free to continue though!
  4. FindLaw_JY

    Adjusterjack Redux

    That's odd. Go ahead and personal message this account a new password for Adjusterjack and I'll reset it manually.
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    FYI: I've removed the telephone number from the opening post. We recommend asking for responses on these boards instead. Thanks!
  6. FindLaw_JY

    From Indiana to california recourse

    dark_angel_kitten_86, I've deleted your 3 blank posts. There wasn't anything in them beyond the quote formatting tags, so if you mean to post please do so again. Thanks!
  7. FindLaw_JY

    double jepardy

    Keep the conversation on the legal topics everyone. There's no need for personality drama.
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    Can I take back a guilty plea!!!??

  9. FindLaw_JY

    Can I take back a guilty plea!!!??

    I've merged your two three topics into one thread for convenience's sake. Please continue!
  10. Hello. I've removed the photograph, as it was a bit graphic. But please do continue with the discussion.
  11. FindLaw_JY

    LLC for Agents Law

    Duplicate threads merged into this one.
  12. Split from previous topic
  13. FindLaw_JY

    Service dog workers compensation

    Let's keep the discussion on the actual case, everyone. You don't have to agree with everyone, but people will - and should - give their view as they see it.
  14. FindLaw_JY

    Are Well Checks Required?

    Alright, enough. Locking this thread. OP's posts are moderated for the remainder of the month.
  15. FindLaw_JY


    I've removed the attached file and link; as some posters have stated it's best not to attach files on the internet.