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  1. I've gone ahead and edited the subject line; please continue.
  2. I've deleted the duplicate thread, please use this one.
  3. Yes, I've removed names, phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses from the OP. Please continue the discussion.
  4. Yes. I've removed the image with your personally identifying information. Please continue the conversation, just avoid posting something like that on these (public) boards.
  5. I’m going to lock this thread on account of its age. Please try and limit one discussion per thread.
  6. I've deleted the duplicate thread. Please use this one, thanks!
  7. There's really no need to scream over ice cream, everyone. Please keep it civil. smith0555597, posters may be able to offer more insight if you offer more background on the facts. Theft, shoplifting, and similar offenses are heavily fact-dependent crimes. The state and its statutes will matter too.
  8. The OP has been banned from the site for threatening another member. Locking this topic.
  9. Following the OP's request their account has been deleted. Locking this thread.
  10. Please keep it civil everyone. Time to move on.
  11. @GlimmerQuest, I've removed the attached image and some personally identifying information from your opening post. Please feel free to continue though!
  12. That's odd. Go ahead and personal message this account a new password for Adjusterjack and I'll reset it manually.
  13. FYI: I've removed the telephone number from the opening post. We recommend asking for responses on these boards instead. Thanks!
  14. dark_angel_kitten_86, I've deleted your 3 blank posts. There wasn't anything in them beyond the quote formatting tags, so if you mean to post please do so again. Thanks!
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