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  1. What the water off the mountain has to do with it is the water runs right in front of the trailer down to his house so he thinks if he digs out under the trailer that this will stop the water but he's just make up things cause he's got no good reason to kick her out other then his not her uncle anymore him and her aunt got the big d that's why there was never a title put in her name cause no one ever thought the would get a big d but I saw it and told them to get something saying the place was hers now just wanted to know if she had anyway of fighting him but guess not thanks everyone that posted
  2. My wife's uncle gave her a trailer back about 12 years ago she never had to pay rent it was said that he gave it to her so me her and are two kids have lived here for the whole 12 years and now he says we have to move in a month cause water is running off the mountain behind us and going in his yard only thing I want to know is does my wife have any right at all with him never giving her a deed
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