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  1. My son's 2 children, age 5 and 8, were placed in the temporary custody of the maternal grandparents following the death of their mother and the inability of their father to provide a safe home. My son was asked during a family meeting held by CPS who he wanted to take care of the children and he chose the maternal grandparents. I was present at the meeting and expressed desire for my husband and me to have custody. Now, 10 months later, the custodial grandparents are filing for permanent custody. Do I have any chance of getting permanent custody or will the custodial grandparents take precedence? They are providing a good home, and we are able to provide a good home, as well. Why was my son able to make the decision of who to give custody to when he wasn't deemed fit to care for them? He chose them because they told him that they would help him financially and help him keep his kids. They told him what he wanted to hear, he was allowed to make the call, and now we (paternal grandparents and aunt) are left out. Advice please!
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