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  1. New owner claims 30 cubic yards of trash and debris had to be removed I know he wants to demo the place and remodel it, could he have tacked on this, trying to get us to pay for the demo?
  2. Let me add, The house was owned by the previous landlord/owner parents, they had left stuff in the attic. The dad had already died when we moved in, the mom died 2 years before we left. The son, previous landlord and owner by inheritance, continued to rent to us until he sold the property. We didn't feel right about removing the stuff in the attic, that didn't belong to us.
  3. Old landlord sold the house in February New owner wanted us out by April 8th, we complied No new lease was signed with the new owner, we didn't want to stay We have pictures/video of the move in and move out We did leave some stuff behind, I admit that, but not $1538 worth of cleanup Looks like court will be needed to resolve this issue Any questions or comments are appreciated Here's the breakdown $538.00 Pot O' Gold 30 yard roll-off dumpster $1,000.00 Labor for trash/debris removal.
  4. It may entirely be legal for what he has done but I just don't think it was the right thing to do to someone. When the old owner sold the property to the new guy, he told him that he wanted us out and wanted to renovate the place. Our old owner said, don't do that to those people, they are good people and never cause problems and have never been late with the rent in 9.5 years. Then the new owner said, I will need to increase the rent by $600 a month then, once again, our old owner stressed to him that they may not be able to afford it. Our old owner also told him that he could be without tenants, business and residential for months, that he should keep us and not drastically increase the residential rent. So the new owner agreed to a $1250 residential rent for us We met with him to discuss the rent of $1250 per month, my wife asked if we could gradually increase the rent, the new owner agreed verbally to $900 for March, $1100 for April and $1250 for May. He also asked for Background checks at $20 per adult and we verbally agreed to pay that fee. He then said, he would forward the application for background checks via email later that night. Nothing else was discussed at this meeting. A few hours later, we received the email and in that email he hits us with the security deposit of $1250 and the pet deposits per pet of $300. What made him think that we could afford to pay a security deposit and a pet deposit per pet if we are negotiating lower rents for March and April? Maybe he knew we couldn't and this was a legal way to get us out (by us not agreeing to his new contract terms). Even though the law allows for it, I don't think it's right to ask anyone to pay a deposit after so many years already living there. After we paid January's rent we had $7 in the bank account After we paid February's rent we had $18 in the bank account Maybe we can't afford to live her anymore, but still, this all just burns me up and it burns a lot of my friends up as well. We are all in agreement that this was simply the wrong thing to do to someone. In addition, the business owner downstairs, he is also mad and is looking for a new office warehouse location. That's all, end of rant, part 2 Brian
  5. I appreciate and thank everyone for their replies to my post regarding this situation. Here's the story behind it all, if you're interested... Basically the new owner is running off everyone in this building. The previous owner is in his 70's, so I can't blame him for selling the place. Very nice man and fun to talk too, has lots of great stories. The business downstairs was also owned by the previous landlord, he sold it to the guy who worked with him for several years, probably 20 or so. The old guy was hesitant to sell and only did so when the new guy promised not to make people move. But as soon as the papers were signed, he flipped the script on everyone. The new owner decided to double the rent the business downstairs pays and move him and his secretary to the back of the building in a small cramped area, because he wants to rent out the other part in the front with the windows for the same amount per month he's charging the business (cramped area) downstairs from us. They are not happy and he is looking for new office space for his business. We are not happy with the rent increase and the deposits situation and we also are looking for a new place. We cordially agreed to a 90 day period for this, since we have a teenager in high school and want to limit distractions. The new owner wants to renovate and turn the house part into section 8 apartments. We are just a mere 2 or 3 blocks from the ghetto area. There's a place across the street at the corner that's for Office Space and has been available to rent since we moved in here over 9 years ago. This new guy could have easily just left things as they were and slightly increase the rent of everyone and easily made 2,000 a month in rental fees. He paid about 250,000 for it all. But, by the summer he might have ZERO coming in. I often wonder, does he just love to fix things up? like those house flipping shows on HGTV? We live in a hurricane area and the population dropped 20% after the last one hit and flooded half the town, including this building (3 ft of water).
  6. No, I've never been a landlord before and based on all this, I don't wanna be, EVER! I am guessing years of stupid and uncooperative tenants have caused lawmakers to create these type of laws.
  7. The new owner hasn't even inspected the house - so when it's all said and done - and we finally move out, he can't say when the damages, if any, actually occurred. We've never been late with a rental payment with the previous owner, so a deposit to cover a months worth of rent just doesn't make sense. If it were me, I wouldn't do it to an existing tenant Sorry about the rant, all this just irritates me --------------------------------------------------------- And my other questions are: Can he ask for us to pay for background checks and pet deposits as well? He states that the background checks are needed by his Homeowners Insurance Co. - does that sound right?
  8. It just doesn't seem right that after 9.5 years that we have to fork over a new deposit. I am just trying to find some way to protect us from that, legally.
  9. We moved in to our current rental house in September 2006 The owner died in April 2014 and her son took over until he sold the house in February 2016, her son's business is downstairs from us and we give the rent check to his secretary each month. We paid a $500 security deposit and $0 pet deposit when we moved in 9.5 yrs ago. The new owner wants a new security deposit ($1250) and a pet deposit ($300) He also wants background checks for each adult ($20 each) and wants us to pay for them. I did a little research and found section 92.105 (TX) states that a new deposit is not allowed unless the house was foreclosed on. That the original deposit transfers over to the new owner during the purchase transaction. http://www.tenant.net/Other_Areas/Texas/txlihs/tenant.html#anchor1243641 I haven't researched the pet deposit and background check issues yet. Am I reading this correctly? Thanks for your help Brian
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