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  1. re: pg1067: Yes, I did write the attorney in 2004. No, I didn't file any documents with the court. First of all, I didn't know I had to file papers with the court after her death. Also, I assumed that my stepfather and half-brother understood my mother's desire of wanting me to receive half of certain figurines, antiques and real estate upon both their deaths. He and she both had stated so several years before her death. Unfortunately, I suppose I trusted him to follow through with her wishes. re: pg1067: PVA: meaning Property Valuation Administration exp: meaning for example EST: meaning Estate ----- They hold title as owners in entirety. He still lives there. re: knort4: I'm in the state of KENTUCKY. I still have received NOTHING from my mother's estate. And I still don't understand how he can file a probate document (I'm assuming it was) stating that her ONLY LIVING HEIRS are him (my stepfather) and my half-brother. Wouldn't that be illegal, even to this day? Especially when he dies? No, the attorney NEVER contacted me after receiving my letter nor would he return my calls regarding my mother's estate. By the way, he knows our entire family personally, so he knew the statement was false.
  2. My mother died in 2003 WITHOUT a will. My stepfather stated in a court document, at the time of her death, that she had only two living heirs; my stepfather and their son, my half brother. I wrote a letter to his attorney disputing this document, with no reply. (She had remarried back in the late 1970's and had one child with my stepfather.) At this point, my stepfather is in bad health. He just stated to me that all contents and his and my mother's home, according to his will, will be left to my half-brother ONLY. The property is still listed at the PVA office as (exp:) DOE, John and Jane EST. Can he leave my mother's half solely to my half-brother and leave me out of my mother's half of the property and/or real estate?
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