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  1. My son must present post release plan to parole board including housing and treatment. He has been unable to find any facilities that accept sex offenders. He is not a predator, pedophile or sexual deviant. His charges stem from alcoholic inappropriate behavior with like minded peers in a private setting. This is not the right forum to detail the facts. How garden variety chemically infused party behavior has become felonious is frightening. Once labeled they have no rights to post release residential rehab, housing, ...they can't even stay in a shelter! With probation to adhere to without any resources , not even a roof over their heads, they are set up to fail. It seems unconstitutional that they are thrown to the curb. There are laws that are enforced if you did such to a dog. Why is it okay to treat sick and suffering drunks this way? This sex offender label is being misused and creating a sub population stripped of all constitutional rights. Maybe that's okay if you ARE a monstrous sexual predator but what if you are not? Living hell on earth, right here in America. Help .....anyone ??
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