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  1. I work for a small company and have been here for over 4 years. In the last year i have come down with some health issues. I have been having to take off to go to the doctor to try to get better. But my company is starting to threaten me to fire me because i have been having to go to a doctor. Even tho i use my vacation time for when i am out for my appointments. I dont get a lunch but yet they take 30 minutes away every day. They dont pay me overtime when i do get itat times. I have to buy my own supplies to be able to do the work most of the time. There is just so much to tell it would take for ever to tell it all typing it. What should i do? I am so lost and confused on if they can be doing this and is it legal for what they are doing. About ready to get me a lawyer and see what happens
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