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  1. My boyfriend and I have lived together in Louisiana since 2004. Both of us are 55. His mom died in Texas in March of 2015 at the age of 86. She originally lived here. She had family money and he gets one half of the estate. His sister who is executrix lives in Texas and gets the other half. His mom put small amounts of money (under $100) in an IRA in his name for him throughout his life. His sister says that the money in the IRA is family money and that he cannot leave the IRA money to me after he dies by naming me as beneficiary. Is this true? If the amounts of the deposits into the IRA were small enough that she could have paid it from her Social Security how can it be "family money" ? Can he name me as beneficiary with his niece and nephew as contingent beneficiary? His sister says if he does not leave the money to the niece and nephew, she will sue me. Can she do that? Also, we wrote up a trust for Keith (boyfriend) after his mom died. We have found out that there was an older will for Keith. Keith nor I knew about the will. His sister says that my will is null and void because the older will comes first. Is that true? Keith's new will was written by a notary at the notary shoppe and said that any other wills were null and void. Which will is good (the old one or the new one) Thank you for your time
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