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  1. Wow...exactly Mr Pilot. It seems as if the prosecution has the only say. Beyond lost at this point. Surely is a travesty in Lafayette, Louisiana. Hundreds, maybe thousands, of innocent folks are locked up because the State can't fulfill their constitutional burden
  2. CajunXChange

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    What happens when a court district can't provide adequate council for indignant offenders? There are currently only 20 public defenders for 3 counties. Would this be a violation of my constitutional rights if not properly represented on my court date set may 2? I don't have a public defender
  3. Yes mistrial in August 2015. I revoked my bond in Dec, so I'm currently in work release. Trial date was reset on Jan 19 but they didnt get to my case. They haven't set another date so I'm just waiting
  4. One more question please How long does the state have after a mistrial to retry the case? Thanks
  5. The FST's didnt adhere to NHTSA standards either. Unfortunately I have to roll with a public pretender that advised to take a plea without obtaining all the evidence. I just thought I'd ask while sitting in prison playing on the Telmate. Thanks for opining and your time
  6. I was arrested in 2012 for Owi 4. There is no chemical test involved, no erratic driving pattern, with skeptical field tests. The video and report have numerous contradictions. The same officer is now being sued for unlawful arrest in a DUI case. He is no longer employed with the city police. Can the prosecution still call on him now to testify against me in a jury trial?
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