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  1. I don't have the money to buy another piece of property, especially when this one has already been promised to my 11 year old son. I currently live in her home and need to be close. I am her primary caregiver but my aunt has her POA. I also can not afford a lawyer to draw up paperwork for me. I would be ok with a life estate but would that still be in affect after she passes? My biggest concern is my aunt handles all legal issues of my grandma, even though I'm the one doing everything, I'm scared my aunt will change something and get control after she passes. My grandma intends to divide the land after she passes anyway, half to my cousin, half to my son. I just want to ensure the land under my double wide does not get taken from under me. So basically what I asking, will a life estate be in affect even after she passes? What would I need to include in the paper to make it legal and hold up in court to keep anyone from taking it from me against my grandmas wishes? I don't know if this matters but my grandmother currently doesn't pay taxes and I was told if she split the land up she would have to? I don't want anything to happen to her or take anything of hers she's using. I just want to protect myself from my greedy aunt who will try to throw me out once she's done using me to care for my grandma.
  2. I live in KY. My grandmother owns the property where her house sits on the right and my uncles house on the left. She said I could put a double wide next to her house but won't sign a deed for that bit of land over to me. She's 85 years old. When she passes the land on her side is supposed to go to my son, the land where my uncle lives is supposed to go to his son. My double wide would be located where my son inherits. No one has seen the will so I'm not sure who gets what. My grandmother says she will sign a paper saying I can live there till I die. I know the double wide will be mine legally but what about the land it sits on? Can anyone make me move or pay rent? My grandmother has 5 kids and 10 other grandkids. She wants the land to stay in the family and not be sold. Is there something I can write up, without going to a lawyer, that gives me rights but I can't sell it? If my son does get the land, that's great, but what if it goes to someone else? I was also told if she had to be put into a nursing home they would take her land anyway. How could I keep my part from my aunts, uncles, cousins, or anyone? I just want to make sure once I put all the work into that no one can swoop in and take it from me after she passes. I plan on giving everything to my son either way. Is there anyway I can see what's in her will? Can the nursing home really take someone's land? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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