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  1. A year ago I got off of parole and My son lives here at home and shares custody of his 2 yr old who stays here when he has her no orders are in place it's 50/50..there was an incident where cps got involved about 2 months ago and everything was dropped..there was another incident about 1 mo ago cps came back said he didn't see any reason to investigate any further and that was it..what are my rights being a felon as a grandparent w cps bc the cps worker has already made me take a drug test which I passed but said bc I am a felon things are done differently..could someone explain
  2. The defamation of character would not be for the initial reason I was fired. I had one of his clients to email me and is now a witness in my case that he is telling them something completely different than what is in my letter of termination.
  3. First, I apologize for the attitude pg1067 but I was talking into my phone and didn't type this. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The state is Texas, and the exact wording of my letter of termination are denying moving a printer within the facility. So no, insubordination isn't a factor. Thank you for your help.
  4. I initially got terminated for gross misconduct which was denying moving a printer within the office I worked in a three-person Law Firm two lawyers and then myself the paralegal and because the attorney who fired me how to witness the other attorney not saying that I did do it but didn't say I didn't do it I was denied unemployment do to him having a witness statement so now I'm in the appeal stage and I had my appeal hearing today pretty got reset to the middle of February because of missing documentation on both sides and I have a witness now and also I believe what I will have the defamation of character case against him now so I really need somebody to didn't touch with me and give me some advice or something cuz I'm really lost at this point and I can produce any kind of paperwork is necessary that you need to prove to you that my story is correct because I know it sounds far-fetched and made up moving the printer but that's what it was and that's all it is there are a few more minor things that have come up just here and there but for the jest of it this is it
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