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  1. My friend received $130 jaywalking ticket (notice) in Honolulu. He did not have any documents on him and police officer wrote down everything from his words. My friends gave all correct information about him and signed the notice. It was at night and my friend did not have reading glasses to examine notice on the spot. When at home he examined the ticket and found out that the date is off by one year because it happened in January 2016 and officer wrote instead 2015. What shall my friend do? 1) If he replies to that notice then indirectly he admits that event has happened and friend is liable and may have to pay extra fines because it is one year overdue. 2) If he does not reply and wait for other notifications from the court then he can deny everything because on January 2015 he was not anywhere near Hawaii and can get sworn affidavits from at least 10 people right away. How system works in this case? What court clerk will do if he/she sees that notice is already one year overdue and nothing was done about it? Will she realize that officer made mistake or she will go for penalty etc.? What is statute of limitation for jay walking in Hawaii? Thank you.
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