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  1. I had the same problem that lasted up until a few days ago. I am waiting to see what is going to happen. The person that was making the noise was not even on a lease he was living with the person above me. And the person was on the same type housing and same office as me and still nothing was done. Housing didn't know about it they do now and all is quiet. It depends on your manager to. I made my manager mad a long time ago because I had got her into trouble with a lie she told. Ever since then she gritted her teeth every time she would see me. I got ignored. I think she enjoyed the neighbors tormenting me. I have the story on this blog somewhere. It is titled do I have any legal rights. You should read it you would not believe how I was treated.
  2. I am 64 years old and on public housing. In 2013 I decided to move into these brand new Senior Apts. I moved in and the apt above me stayed empty until for about 4 months after I had leased mine. An older gentleman 76 moved in by the name of Gerald I later found out his name and age. About a month into him living here I noticed to men coming and going from his apartment. They would leave for work and come home after work. I noticed one of them parked his car in the parking area and it had a our apt parking sticker on it. Everyone who lives here is provided a parking sticker to identify who is a tenant and who isn't are at least that is what I thought. Visitors have a certain area to park in. Then at night they must park outside the gate area. One day I didn't see Gerald and didn't see him for awhile but there was noise coming from his apt. Loud noise like someone was building something. Bangs and clangs it was awful. So at that time I went to the manager of the apts and told her about the noise and that I had not seen my neighbor Gerald. I told her it sounded like they were coming in though the ceiling and sometimes they were loud at night. Sounded like a bunch of people in the apt. Walking and stomping. She told me that Gerald was in the Hospital and it was probably his son's that have come to clean for him and put up a hospital bed that Gerald was having some kind of surgery. I was not happy with that answer and did not want to start any trouble so I didn't mention the two men coming and going and seeing one of their vehicles all the time night and day. Okay a couple of more months went by the noise was terrible. Gerald had by now got out of the hospital. It was the constant in and out slaming their apt door the foot steps back and forth across the floor and they were loud. Like they were stomping when they walk. Heavy footsteps. One Saturday night the noise was loud music sounding like dancing and that had gone own all day. So the next morning I went to the office again I complained to Maria about the noise and how loud it was the night before. I told her it sounded like a party going on. She did not say anything as I recall and so I went back to my apt thinking she just blew me off and didn't take me very seriously. That night around 9 pm I go out to check my mail and there is a letter on my door it is from Gerald's son Joe. He told me that I was imaging things that there was no party no people and they were not having a parade I guess he thru that in to be smart. I was upset it said some other things so I thought well Maria must of said something to them. So months went on the noise continued the two men continued to live there. One day Gerald came and knocked on my door and ask if I would help him with a rent money order. At that time I found out he was on housing like I was. The same government housing as I was in fact we had the same office. So then I knew he was not supposed to have anyone living with him. That is one of the restrictions of housing. But I did not say anything but knew that would be my leg to stand on. They should not be there anyway. I cannot remember if I mentioned to the apt mgr that I knew Gerald was on housing are not. The noise continued and i put up with it. Now I know your going to have noise when someone lives above you. I have lived in apts most all my life. But this noise was above and beyond. What it was I found out is people lots of visitors. When you are in a one bedroom with wood floors and there are at any one time 5 or 6 people your going to have some noise. It is like they didn't care that someone was living underneath them. So then I didn't see one of the brothers anymore I would see him but this time he was just visiting because I would not see him like I did. Now all this time has passed and we are into the begining of 2015 my timeline is missing time I am just trying to summarize all of this. The noise has continued all this time but this is what really got me upset. I started seeing a woman with a little boy I found out later he is 3 years old. Now keep in mind this is a senior over 55 project. I started seeing her all the time. I would see them go in but not come out. Then the little boy you could hear him running back and forth all day across the floor and hear him I guess he was jumping off the bed onto the floor. I complained a couple of times the noise would be quiet for about a month and then it would begin again. One morning around 6am and I was bothered by the noise all the night before I don't think the little boy stopped running back and forth until about midnight it finally got quiet. Oh by the way since the mgr didn't do anything about the noise I had sent emails to the management company too and that is when finally the noise would die down and pick up again. Only when I sent emails to them. Anyway about 6am the next morning I heard the loudest boom shook my whole apt. I was worried that Gerald may have fallen. So I went up stairs this is my second time going up there about the noise by now through the year of me complaining to everyone. The lady came to the door in her gown with the little boy in arm. I told her I thought Gerald had fallen. She said no it was her little boy playing like what is your problem lady he is just playing. I didn't say anything as I walked away I told her he woke me up. She just slammed the door. Now I know she was living there. So that day I went to the office again and told the mgr what had happened. All of her reasons for them being there is that they are watching Gerald. So I went back to my apt and sent an email to the management company. I told them about the men living there now the woman living there I told them I knew Gerald was on housing and about the nasty note the son had left on my door. The next day she came to my door with a letter she had typed up. She handed it to me and walk off. It said something like this. Ms ??? I am well aware of the goings on in this apt complex. I know who lives here and who does not live here. She went on to say she takes this very seriously. Those were her exact words. She takes the people who live on the project very seriously. She did not really specify if she new the son and his girlfriend were staying there she sorta left it open. So at that point I just gave up and just put up with the noise for the next 7 or 8 months and this brings me today Jan 2016. The other day they had a bunch of people going and coming all day to Gerald's apt. Then that night they had all of their windows open and you could see in and I and my neighbors counted around 5 people up there all standing around. That morning around 3 am like I said they were still loud music people walking around this is another thing when they would stay up late at night it was quiet and my dog would bark at the sounds coming from their apt. It would wake me up all the time through the night. The dog woke me up barking at them that morning. I had it. I told my daughter I wish I knew Gerald's last name I would see if housing could help me. She told me get the licence plates number off the sons car and it will tell you the son's name and Gerald's should have the last name. I have a friend who looked it up for me. Oh my goodness the son who's name is Joe ? has his car registered to this address all this time the manager has been telling me he does not live here. All these two years he has lived here she told me that. Now I find out his car is registered here. Then my friend looks up Joes' criminal Joe has around 7 felonies ranging from being in prison for 7 years, organized crime, burglary of a habitat, Theft from govervnment through a finiancial inst. and others two dwi's a no drivers license as of 2014. I sent all of this to the management company. For two years I have suffered with the noise the stares the intemidations the laughing at me as they went by. I am 64 like I said and have a mental disability in fact I am on SSD for it. For the last two days there has been no sound from Gerald's apt I mean noise it is so quiet feels like I am in heaven after all of what I have been through. They are there I can here them walking and I saw Gerald walking with his dog with his walker. My question is now do they have to make the son and girlfriend move out? Because they are still up there. I wonder what I can expect to happen.? I did not want to ask the mgr she has intimidated me already several times. I feel like they knew I had something wrong with me and thought I did not matter. Is there anything I can do to get any justice for my self for the two years of hell I had to put up with from them and the mgr. What if anything are my choices and what should the apts do about these people.? Thank you so much I am so sorry this is so long but I want to make sure you understand the jest of my problem. If these elderly people new what I know about the son they would have a fit. We think we are all safe here. It is a gated comunity and very expensive. Seniors are moving here because they advertise our safety. A lot of us are very vunoralble some are on scooters some wheel chairs some on walkers and there is a ex con with felonies living here with out our knowledge. I could of been hurt and didn't even know who I was dealing with. If he is here who else is.? The mgr doesn't take the property seriously does not look like. All I can think of is she must be friends with Gerald are a family member to let them get away with all of this with out anything being done. thank you for any advice or comments you can provide for me. I don't have but one sister in my family and few friends who don't know my legal rights.
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