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  1. Good point. I have considered it because my personality is generally non-confrontational and I believe that the best solutions are those that are arrived at through mutual discourse and agreement. But I have had mixed results in the past with that approach with my wife, to the point that I have become distrustful that an agreement will be reached, particularly in this case. At the moment, I have custody and have an at least verbal agreement with her for the next four years. I have doubts, though, as to whether she will stick with her agreement. Moreover, I don't feel she has a reasonable claim to retain any of the child support or really to be receiving it, given that I'm already carrying the medical and will be the one primarily caring for our daughter. Essentially I'm wanting a better guarantee that our daughter will be with me in what I consider to be a more stable environment with better educational opportunities and I'm concerned that if I raise the issue with my ex-wife that she will pull out of the agreement in response.
  2. I currently pay child support and am trying to determine whether I can file to have the child support requirements removed. My ex-wife and I divorced in Hays county in Texas. We have a daughter who is now 14 and has stated she wishes to remain with me in Houston. Her mother was originally living primarily in Louisiana since the divorce but has since sold her home and has been traveling with no home address. She is now looking at living in a tiny home, possibly here in Texas but I've not heard anything solid. My ex is, however, the primary conservator. My daughter is currently in 8th grade. During 4th and 6th grade her mother agreed to allow our daughter to stay with me for those school years. During those years she paid me back about 75% of the child support. Now we are midway through her 8th grade year. Her grades have consistently been higher even though the school district is rated higher with a tougher curriculum than back in Louisiana. She has been with me for over 6 months now. I've remarried and we moved to a larger home in order to guarantee entrance to better schools. She has her own room rather than sharing an 8x12 with her mother in a tiny home. I've not discussed my intent with her mother but have discussed my desire to have Dakota remain with me for the final four years of public school, which her mother has, at least informally, agreed to. I've met with an attorney about modifying custody but it was looking very expensive and frankly they were promoting an approach that seemed like it would end up causing a great deal of hostility. My ex may have access to funds well in excess of my own so I'm not interested in getting into a massive legal fight, but the impression I get is that I would probably have a reasonable chance of reversing primary conservatorship and child custody along with it. I'd like some opinions on the custody aspect as well as putting a halt to the child custody payments. Thanks in advance, and if you have any questions I'll try to answer as best I can.
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