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  1. I agree with both responses; to pay a reasonable amount for the hour of services, with a letter of explanation. In response to pg1067's statement, "It's also been well over two weeks since you last posted in this thread, and I'm not really sure what the purpose of reviving the thread is." I didn't realize that there is a timeframe for threads on this site. My husband and I were taking into consideration that perhaps the attorney was out of town, had a death in the family, etc., at the time we tried to contact him. Thank you, and I guess this thread can be closed.
  2. My husband called the following week, twice, and left a message on the attorney's voicemail to call him. He has not returned the call. It's Oct. 3.
  3. Thank you. I forgot to include that at the bottom of the billing statement, there is a clause. This is what it states: Pursuant to Rule 1.5(b) of the Ohio Rules of Professional Conduct, please be advised that the firm periodically reviews and adjusts certain of the hourly rates charged by its personnel. Accordingly, certain rates reflected herein may have changed since your last invoice.
  4. My husband consulted with an attorney over a year ago, August, 2017. It was one Consultation only, and lasted under one hour. My husband was not given a contract to sign, nor was he asked to pay for services rendered that day. However; he expected that we would be billed for that "single, consult, even if at the minimum, we were billed for an hour. A year passed by. We hadn't received a bill. To be quite honest, we had put the issue, for the reason my husband had consulted this attorney, behind us. Today, a year and a month later, we received an $800.00 in the mail, for a 2.50 hrs., @350.00, an hr. I'm asking for advice regarding most billing practices amongst attorneys, as well as advice in regards to receiving an inflated bill, a year late. Thank you
  5. I'm in the state of Ohio, and my husband and I have excellent credit. We have had alot of credit due to purchasing a handy man type home, but our slate is pretty clean. We have never, and I mean never, been late, missed, or failed to meet our lenders oblogations in our 21 yr marriage. It's renewal time for our Auto/Home insurance premiums, and our rates have been increased. No traffic violations for at least 4yrs. No home claims either. There are no hiccups in our credit reports either, as I just checked, and everything is Green for Go! Can the insurance company rase our rates, while we mantain each, a 740-750 FICO?
  6. pg1067 My child "E Schools", because she has a history of severe anxiety, with OCD. These issues interfered with her ability to thrive in the public classroom. Thanks to therapy and meds, she is doing brilliantly.
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