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  1. 1. I entered into a handshake oral agreement to split the rent and utilities down the middle on a two bedroom house in July,2016. I was not on the lease. In October, I was told by my roommate/landlady that she wanted me to move into the living room so she could rent my bedroom to someone else. I moved to the living room. IS THIS A BREACH? 2. From July to October, I paid my half of the rent and utilities on the 3rd. Wednesday of the month. My roommate/landlady only paid the rent after receiving an eviction notice in Sept, Oct. and Nov. IS THIS A BREACH? 3. I moved some of my personal property out of the house on November 12th. I called the police when my roommate/landlady wanted me to either take all of my possessions or pay her a storage fee. She was told that I still lived there and that I would get the rest of my things the following Wednesday.When I returned, I found that my telephone repairman's tools as well as other things were missing. I filed a police report. IS THIS A BREACH? I hope to sue her in small claims court. Thank you all for your response!
  2. My cousin died on July 9, 2016. One week later, his girlfriend sold his car. Her name was not on the title and she did not have power of attorney. I think she forged his name. The family has seen the car being driven by an unknown person. What recourse do we have? Thank you very much.
  3. Jurisdiction: Georgia My roommate and I moved into a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house on July 20th. I am not on the lease. Our oral agreement is that we will split everything, 50/50. I've known my roommate for ten years but, you really get to know a person when you live with them. We are just friends. I am retired and she stills works. On August 1st. when I refused to tear up a box to put in the trash, she became enraged and told me that she was not going to live with some one who just laid around all day. She told me to get out. After she realized that she needed me to help pay rent and utilities, she relented. Since then, it;s been one thing after another-nit picking. She sees everyone else's faults but not her own. I have come to realize that she chose me to be her roommate because she has this "nice-nasty" persona and no one (apparently except me) wants to deal with her on a daily basis. I cannot. I will not live with her beyond 90 days. How do I break this oral agreement without being liable? I am tempted to just leave but I want to remain a gentleman. Please help and thank you very much. A friend of mine wants me to pay 1/2 the rent and utilities. I concur. She also wants me to pay 1/2 of the deposit although my name is not on the lease. Am I obligated to pay? Thank you
  4. Thank you, to everyone who replied. I won't renege. I will pay her.
  5. Actually, I've already moved in. I was living in a rooming house when she came by and be-seeched, me to be her roommate. She found the place. She had the deposit and 1st. month's rent. She needed me to help with rent and utilities. We both agreed to split everything 50%. I'm to pay her later when my SSA check arrives. In hindsight, I'm not on the lease. Do I owe her because I verbally agreed to pay 1/2 the deposit or, am I legally bound? Thank you p.s. We lived in a rooming house a year ago but not in the same room.
  6. A friend of mine wants me to pay 1/2 the rent and utilities. I concur. She also wants me to pay 1/2 of the deposit although my name is not on the lease. Am I obligated to pay? Thank you
  7. I lived in a rooming house for a year. Starting my second year, some drug dealers moved in. For 3 months I complained to the landlord. He did nothing. I moved out claiming, "constructive eviction" owing a month's rent. He was livid. A year later, I moved back in promising him I would pay that rent from last year. We never went to court. We have an unwritten month to month agreement. Am I legally obligated to pay? Shouldn't he be liable for contributing to the eviction? Thank you
  8. My cousin who recently died(11/2015) put some of my personal property in his shed a year ago. I texted his wife on 1/1/2016, asking her i f I could retrieve my things. She has not replied and is not returning my calls. Normally I would agree that after a year has passed, my things could be considered abandoned. However, my cousin removed my things from a car I was renting from him on his own volition. If his wife, (now my ex-cousin-in law) continues to ignore me, what recourse do I have? Thank you
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