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  1. What's the point of telling us one thing in the first and final account and doing another. Before the estate closed I'm getting $68,000 and after it closes, its 66,1000 and the hand written note tells the one heir that this will apply to all the heirs. She claims there were additional attorney fees to close. You distribute to one and NOT the other heirs? Yes, she communicated to only one after the estate closed. To me, having one heir meet you at the local fast food restaurant late at night to distribute estate funds appears suspect to me.
  2. Good Day!!! The unsupervised estate automatically closed on February 2017 without PR and his attorney distributing assets to four heirs prior to doing so. A first and final account was received by each heir Christmas Eve 2016 stating their portion without opposition. The attorney hand delivered a check to one heir last pm at a local restaurant and gave the heir a signed and dated hand written note torn from a steno pad (I have a copy) stating that the amount received for each heir will be reduced by $1200. Meaning do not expect to receive what was stated in the first and final account because of final attorney fees to wrap up the estate. The attorney directed her to submit a Form 401 on 2017 tax return for the $1200 reduction My question: Is this attorney within her bounds to write hand written notes changing distribution amounts after submitting a first and final account. What is a 401 as it was not mentioned in the first and final account.
  3. So, from your response, the distributions should have been made prior to the estate closing? Is that correct.
  4. Good Day, The D.C. Court automatically closed the estate after 3 years and the unsupervised PR did not make distributions to siblings. I've called the PR (sibling) several times without receiving a response about why. We've called PR's attorney and she will not respond. There is no indication on the Court Website that the PR requested an extension before or after the case closed. Also, we did NOT object to the First and Final Accounting. What are my next steps to get what is due to the siblings.
  5. PG-1067 - Yes, I am objecting to the lack of information for all the personal loans he made on behalf of the estate which does not include dates, receipts, vendors, specific amounts. There is a total of $7,000 in loans to the estate from the PR for "expenses" without explanation of what they are and the accounting also shows that all was repaid to PR accept for $1300. This accounting is horrible; it really is. I'm not nitpicking as I want this over to move on from all the emotional pain inflicted. You would think that a parent who died without any debt or claims against the estate would be over by now! Not only is it not sufficiently detailed; there's missing information; theft of distribution; charging rent after sibling moved out of the home without any utter that he plan to go after her and an additional deduction from only her again for items PR claims were removed from the home but no listing of what she allegedly removed. Let alone no mention of the bequeathed gifts and jewelry.
  6. RetiredinVA - No, the last hearing was r/t to the PR requesting that the jointly held savings, checking and CD accounts be turned over to the estate as I was unable to produce a 30 year old signature card from Bank of America who was American Security when we opened the accounts. Just received the Accounting 2 weeks ago. The Judge's instruction was not a written order but a suggestion in addition to previous written request via email. Also, there is a DC Code that states that the unsupervised PR must give an accounting upon reasonable request. The fact that this is the first and last is absurd, but No the judge did not order an accounting. There is a requirement for "supervised" PR's to provide periodic accountings but with an "unsupervised", interested parties can request an accounting. There is so much about this accounting that we the heirs did not know about as he absolutely refused to communicate with us. We can't sit back and just let him deduct $20,000 from our siblings portion of the estate. Regarding the $5,000, I'm just asking that he give me in the end what he gave the others last Feb. He failed to include it in the Accounting and did not state why he gave a partial distribution to all but one.
  7. Good Day and Thank You, Yes the request for an accounting was verbal and in writing. Also, at the Last hearing (July 2016) the Judge instructed the PR and his attorney to discuss our request for accounting at the end of the hearing. PR Attorney agreed to do so, but never did! Estate Total value $420,000. What about the partial disbursement of $5,000 made to all the siblings but one; which happens to be me.
  8. Any particular concern that stands out to you for objection?
  9. In your opinion do you believe I have a case to object this accounting. Can I (siblings) request PR use the Court's official accounting form with schedules, to include supporting transactions instead. Thank You.
  10. Good Day, Despite several ignored requests to obtain an accounting from PR/Attorney for past two years, I just received a two paged poorly written accounting from PR/my sibling and have many questions and concerns. The accounting presented does NOT include copies of receipts, bank statements, canceled checks or names of hired vendors, including the "unnamed" accountant charging $2,500. 1.There is a loan to the estate from the PR opening the estate bank account for $2,000 when the requirement is $100. (there were NO debts or claims against the estate and the home was paid for). 2. There are at least five loans to the estate from the PR for "expenses" but the expenses are NOT itemized on the account. Per the Will, the automobile listed on the account was bequeathed to the PR but he lists the car as an asset but did not include any other bequeathed items (wedding rings, diamond rings, etc) - can he do this? As a matter of fact, there has been no communication re the jewelry in PR's possession or accounting of those items. 3. The PR, without notification, discussion with heirs, or a court order deducted $20,000 from one sibling's portion of the estate for the 12 months one sibling lived in the home - this came as a total surprise to all interested parties as PR agreed that sibling could stay in the home until her child graduated but then bullied the sibling and moved out Dec 2014. The will stipulates children are to received equal distribution. 4. PR is also deducting an additional $4,320 from the same sibling for "personality removed from house". The total amount reflects the appraisal total of household items. With PR's blessing, signed documents listing appraised items removed from the home by each sibling,was sent to PR and interested parties. 5. PR made a $5,000 disbursement to all but one sibling in January 2014 but the accounting does NOT demonstrate any intention to give that sibling the same. There are several more items that are unexplainable such as loans PR made to the estate is also reflected as a line item on the Settlement Statement (family home) as a reimbursement to the PR. 6. PR is also receiving $10K for his role despite the Will clearly stating that PR is to waive all fees and commissions on his behalf. There is an additional $1,500 going to the PR; again without supporting documentation of what and why. In your opinion do you believe I have a case to object this accounting. Can I (siblings) request PR use the Court's official accounting form with schedules, to include supporting transactions instead. Thank You.
  11. I apologize, I did not see the additional questions: 1. My brother is the personal rep 2. I did not receive a partial distribution earlier this year 3. I had a joint account with my father for 30 years and because the bank could not produce a signature card, he award the funds to the estate 4. No movement; no communication, no accounting!!!
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