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  1. Hello,I was wondering if an employer can discipline you for the same offense/infraction twice? I was under a corrective action contract for 1 year ,with the stipulation that if I were to miss any days they would need to be excused by a doctors note or something comparable.I held up my word and my end of the contract that my boss and myself both signed.They had a policy revision whilst I was on corrective action. The policy, when first rolled out(which was on Sept.15 2015) had no signatures or any formality except for the fact that it stated another craft than ours on this paper that was put out to us. One of the instances took place before the "new" policy was even put into play and the second happened after the fact in Dec 2015 which again was still covered under the same contract We initially signed in Dec 2014. They took corrective action again for the same 2 days I already had Dr's notes for and now I'm on another 36 month probation period. The "New" policy does state Dr's notes may not be accepted as approved documentation for laying off of work now but, they also have a "don't come to work if your sick"policy too. I'm totally lost here with whats going on and all the double standard harassment we are enduring.Where do you turn when no one wants to help...........that's why I'm here!! Sincerely S.C.Miller
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