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  1. thanks for the reply , not sure why it got on the malpractice board. the salt is renting the crop land to a hateful neighbor for a couple $100 when it is worth $10,000 + so I cant work the land myself, letiing his cattle destroy my personal property on the land. saying she is going to sell with my stuff on the land. I have close to $100,000 of personal property on the property. I will post the real estate transaction details tomorrow, gotta go right now Thanks
  2. me and my sister was given land as a gift , however her name is only list the deed and my name is listed in a document that states( undivided 1/2 interest) . The documents where drawn up from a lawyer doing the land transfer. ​First she divided. she put half in her husbands and her name and the other half in just her name. Then she rented the land out to a neighbor who she let. put a restraining order on me . to keep me off the land. do I have any legal right to the land, being my name is mention as having 1/2 interest, however my name is not on the land deed. also I am have a nervous breakdown, she keeps adding salt to the wound. Do I have any cause for a lawsuit for (intentional infliction of distress) ? Thanks!!!!
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