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  1. Thank you very much for all of the information.
  2. The goal is simple. I need something that would allow myself and my husband to have some type of legal statement or however for it to be saying that we can deal with medical and school issues. The children's father is also incarcerated as well from prior years ago. Will she be able to get this power of attorney through the facility she is at and mail it to me, is that the way it would work? Does the power of attorney have to be notarized? if the children are on any type of state aid what will happen to that when the state aid expires? If I will have to hold the medical insurance on them will a power of attorney be enough to add them to my plan?
  3. I live in Texas. My sister in law was recently incarcerated (January 2016). Her 2 children live with me since October 2015. My question is I currently do not have anything stating I have power of attorney or anything of the sorts for them. What is the best course of action to take on this, whether is be obtaining a power of attorney for the children or going thru CPS to get something for the children?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated... Thank you,
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