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  1. Okay, everywhere I have read states that the TLT for OK is 60%. Meaning that if the estimated repairs are deemed to be greater than 60% of the value of vehicle, then the vehicle is determined to be a total loss. My vehicle has been through field inspection, and been through the body shop inspection. The body shop has turned their final estimate back over to the field adjuster, and the field adjuster just informed me that the actual rule is that it has to be 70% to determine total loss, or, 60% plus paint and labor. Right now, based on all the numbers we sit at 65% (including paint and labor). Can someone tell me if what the adjuster is saying is true, or, are he and the insurance company trying to get by not totaling the vehicle? Also, I really need to be able to find the actual written OK law on this so that I can print it out and send it to the adjuster and my insurance company if it is not true what the adjuster is telling me. To me, it sounds suspect, but I need to have proof in writing. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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