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  1. Liz and her son were stopped outside of Abilene Tx. Safety violation on the car she had to buy because her truck and belongs were stolen. Her son did have heroin with him, she was unaware. Nothing mattered to the police or the court. She was charged the same. She took a probation plea after three months because it was better than staying in jail for a year before a trial (Speedy trial? right). Since she has worked low paying jobs, spent tiime in the hospital, had surgeries, finally found out she was diabetic. It's been almost 3 years. She is still dealing with diabetes and now a new disease Cushings syndrome. She should qualify for early release from probation but no one will help, legally. I pay her bills to help her survive this travesty. She needs someone to help her and little or no cost. She has other legal recourse against her court appointed lawyer. What to do? Thanks, Dennis.
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