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  1. thank you. the chief clerk to the judge told me my home could be sold to pay monies. She emailed me a copy of a judgement which she said I (or someone in my family was served a judgement) I never saw the original document before, and the email was the first time I ever did see it. I contacted the credit card company to request old documents, and was told account was charged off & sold to debt collector. also asked for taped recorded conversations they may have. rep acted stupid, so I spoke very slowly, and clearly enunciating every word before she understood my request. almost to the point of being sarcastic. I called a lawyer in a nearby county and he said just file bankruptcy because of the long amount of time involved and the situation was too complicated. thanks for nothing...the free consultation.
  2. No equity, home valued $60,000. No assets. Judgement escalated to $19,000 to date. I will have to consider bankruptcy option. Thank you.
  3. Can a judge order my home to be sold to satisfy a default judgement from 2009 that I was unaware of until recently. I was alerted a few months ago that a debt collector wanted to collect on a default judgement. I found out last week it was from a credit card company. In 2006 I had disputed charges from what the credit card company called my account. An attorney I contacted advised bankruptcy due to complex circumstances. I had paid off one credit card with a pre-authorized check from another credit card, however BOTH debited the amount instead of crediting it and said I owed the new amount. I did not have money to hire an attorney and the entire mess kept snowballing. Now I am 62 years old on workers comp, and SS disability. I have a 16 year old grandchild in my legal custody that gets a small child support amount. I also am on medicaid, and get food stamps. I attempted to clear my name and once excellent credit, but with one good eye and one good leg it is very difficult. No one offers legal aid or legal counsel in the Hudson Valley area of New York. I was advised to seek advice from social security. (???) I do not have money, or other assets other than my broken down home and a 2006 vehicle in need of repair. So, I was told the judge can order my home to be sold to satisfy this judgement. Is there anything I can do without losing our home? My grandchild does not have anyone else, or anywhere else to go.
  4. school guidance counselor was contacted last week and asked about procedure to follow recommendation of LCSW and her response was they do not have a tutor to be sent to the home, however was transferred to another person that is in charge of setting up an after school session (at the school), which is just a concept at this time...that possibly in the next 2-3 weeks something MAY be in place.
  5. thank you. Have appointments Monday 2/6/17 with LCSW & student's new family doctor. Old doctor was terminated and records forwarded to new office. No, I would not force/coerce any statements not given openly and safely. Are you saying school does not recognize a note from the LCSW?
  6. thank you ElleMD. Called tele # in NYS Dept of Education student support services. working two laptops at same time. will do more research.
  7. clarification:guardian realized prescription of paxil (sent electronically to pharmacy) when picking up script, and was alarmed and dismayed when pharmacist said it was the lowest dose and approved med being prescribed in general. student will not expand on what was said to doctor...this is a presumption, of something to that effect. LCSW is kicensed clinical social worker, and lastly recourse is to get the school to comply to medical note/opinion presented by the LCSW...at this time, and not when they get around to if...if they do.
  8. 16yoa honor student went to dr. for routine post appendectomy check. student expressed anxiety, so Dr. prescribed paxil., without guaridan consent or knowledge. student does not even take tylenol. 2 days into meds, student refuses to go to school & disassociates/withdraws from friends & family. prescribing Dr. contacted family end of week to checkj well being of student, advises adverse reaction, & stops meds. no response WHY meds prescribed in the 1st place. student taken to LCSW, who states student should be home tutored & under care until further time. student out of school 3 weeks and will receive incomplete for 3rd guarter. school refuses home school tutor (we dont have one), however may have after school tutor (at school) in 2-3 weeks. need recourse.
  9. Thank you. I will access the Lawyer Directory to request a second opinion, and options on how to proceed. I want this to be handled in a professional manner. I am very grateful for your advice, and being allowed to see your integrity in support and advocacy for others as well.
  10. MRI shows torn meniscus. mis-read by radiologist (since fired) caused incorrect med treatment by orthopedic. (a radiologist friend read MRI as favor to me. He advised 2 tears in meniscus)I told the orthopedic who still insisted on wrong treatment, with total disregard to this info and my complaint of excruciating pain in my knee. After trying prescribed PT (aggravated injury) and injections for arthritis, & being told to suck up the pain for 6 months (since 12/01/15), I went to a new orthopedic. He called to have MRI re-read by NEW radiologist and diagnosis was 2 tears to meniscus. Even with new info, my attorney & WC worker stuck with agreed decrease in payment due to med treatment & diagnosis of prior ortho at the last WC hearing without informing the judge of new information. WC carrier never answers phone or returns calls or faxes. I complained to WCB. Also told head attorney that lawyer assigned to hearing is a useless lame-brain. I got the bum's rush all the way around. How do I clarify this to the judge and get proper treatment so I can return to work?
  11. Platinum Contributor: Thank you. Contacted code enforcement, who is looking into matter. Police said it is a civil matter. Call into new Town Supervisor. Will also speak with town council, since my adversary just joined the town planning board. They are aware of complaints from other towns people (mostly business practice issues), and disgruntled people who have encountered this person in their own capacity. Happy 2016!
  12. find out the local town ordinances (noise to begin with), look up the penal/criminal law for CT for harassment.. It may only be a violation, however they will have to appear in court & possibly pay a fine. I think it is getting your foot in the door. Make a paper trail & document everything. Take pictures and recordings of you trying to enjoy your life and surroundings, & if you happen to pick up the sound of loud music in the process, that will be a start of civil rights beingviolated so that you cannot enjoy your life and it is causing you anguish, and your life is deteriorating. It is a start. Good luck!
  13. neighbor has car repair shop & plows snow accumulation(plus oil and gasoline which has leaked onto the ground & nuts and bolts & pieces of metal) from his junkyard/auto yard all the way into my yard and treeline, preventing me from having a place to put my own snow or using my driveway to access my 8X12 garage. plows snow right up to the entry blocking that also. asked nice to cease actions. last year I stood out in my drive with a shovel & told him not to get out of his truck & if he does be ready to suffer consequences. I am a 61 year old female. He is angry first because I would not sell my property to him, second I refused to sign a waiver allowing him to have an auto body paint shop within 50 yards of my house, third I told other towns people of disgruntled customers asking to use my home phone (we do not have cell service here) to call friends or tow truck to get help when he rips them off or gives them an astronomical estimate. This harassment is his retaliation. Right now I am in a knee brace from an injury & cant run outside when he or his worker's are plowing. Yup, my driveway is plowed in. Who do I contact?
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