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  1. ONe month prior to my moving out of my apartment because of my lease expiring, there was an attempted break in and in the process, the sliding glass door was shattered. I was not home and my roommate was out of town when this happened, I discovered this the next morning when I returned and called the police, filed a report but have no idea who or why this happened. I have renters insurance, but since I didn't cause the broken door, it was not covered. The landlord replaced the sliding door but now are deducting $200 from my deposit for that . I do not know who tried to break in, I do not know why it was my apartment that was chosen. This occurred through no fault of my own. This wasn't covered under my insurance because I didn't do it, and I filed a police report and did everything else within my power to do. Why am I responsible to replace this broken door? Do they have a right to withhold that money from my deposit?
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