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  1. My Uncle (Joe) recently passed of Cancer (Nov.5,2015), he was a retired Veteran living in Seguin,TX. My Mother (his sister,Zelda), was his only living relative, and lives near Houston,TX. My step cousin (no blood relationship) has been making false claims and taking his property since his passing. This includes his truck and several guns. She has admitted to doing so to the funeral director, and he told her she cannot do this. She has made false claims that my uncle had a son, and also that a will just turned up naming her father(Dean) as benificiary. The acting Administrator was reccomended to us by the Funeral Director, and rarely returns calls or keeps us up to date...he wont even say if he will take the case as Probate Attorney. My mother has limited income and no savings and is losing much sleep over this. She simply wants to grieve for her brother. I feel that her health is at risk, and I cannot help financially as I have disabling health problems. I am wondering what to do about this Administrator and also if it is in anybodys best interest to file some kind of charges against my step cousin for making this situation worse...she just wants a piece of the small pie my uncle left behind. Please forgive my spelling, and Thank You for any response.
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