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  1. I bought a lake home and there is a fenced vacant lot with the front open next to me that we have to mow and maintain since July of this year. The HOA is disspelled and no one owns the lot now, it was an old boat lauch. I called the Appraisal district and they have the HOA listed but it is gone and no longer in existance for 20 years. The property taxes have not been paid for over 20 years on the lot. There is people going on the lot at night to sell and buy drugs and there is a nuisance of loud music as well because it backs up to the lake. How do I get help on taking it over so we can get some sleep at night and keep my dog from barking at all hours of the night? The Attorneys for the County, City and School has not filed any lawsuites for the back taxes owned. Help! How can I take it over and make it private and stop all the drug deals at night. Any advice plz....
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