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  1. I just needed to know if they had the (legal) right to say no. So, yes, that is what I really wanted to ask because it got me the answer I needed. =)
  2. Hi, I live in an apartment that was recently sold and the new owners have a whole host of "improvements" in store for the community. One improvement is the changing of the porch rails/fence from wood to metal. My satellite dish is secured to the wooden column at the intersection of both sides of my porch. Some time during the installation of the metal grids, the workers knocked into my satellite dish causing it to lose the signal. I was without satellite for a week until someone could come out and realign it. These same improvements also put nails through my wall and left me without air conditioning for a week in the Texas summer, neither of which I sought compensation for, but this time I'm paying for a service that I can't use because they messed up. Do I have a right to ask that the cost for a week of unusable service be deducted from my rent? Thanks.
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