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  1. Thanks for replying, I am currently waiting to speak with an attorney (she does family law). Trying to prepare and do a bit of research and not go in there empty handed.
  2. so Fallen, you bring up a good point. I wasn't aware there should be any other witness signatures on the will. The most recent one I want to contest does not have any other signatures on it. Her previous wills were always done at legal aid, which did include additional witness signatures now that I have compared the documents. Additionally, this is why I am asking for advise to see if we have grounds to fight the eviction and contest the will. Should I go with a real estate attorney, a family law attorney...I'm a bit lost in regards to what direction I should start in. Like you mentioned, we have advised my father not to sign any docs or start packing, even as a novice with this situation I know the eviction notice is bull****.
  3. My father recently lost his wife in Nov 2015. We reside in San Antonio, Tx. During the course of their 28 yr marriage, his wife inherited her fathers property. In 2010 a will was created to leave the house to my father. It was then updated in 2012 to leave it to her biological daughter, and my father could still be allowed to reside in the home until his passing. After my Dads wife passed on, a will has now surfaced stating that she updated it while hospitalized in 2014, to have the home left to her sister. For the last 3 years my sister, the deceased's step daughter, was hired as her caregiver. My Dads wife had a bag with all docs necessary if she were to pass to handle her estate which included the before mentioned will for 2010 and 2012. We knew she was sick and there was potential that she had a high risk of a short life expectancy, so she made it clear that those docs are what would be needed when the time comes. Of course when she passed, as mentioned before, the "new will" was then presented to show that the home was not left to her daughter OR my father. Instead it was put it the name of her sister. We believe that the sister got my fathers wife to sign a new will while being heavily medicated during one of her last hospital stays. That will, when compared with previous document signatures doesn't seem to match up. We contacted the notary (who is a family member thru marriage of the sister) to ask about details regarding the updated will, she seemed very nervous and stated she couldn't help us. When my father and her daughter went to a lawyer to start the probate process, the lawyer pulled up the new will. The date filed was 2 days after her passing (don't know if that has any importance to the situation). The sister has now served my father an eviction notice only a month after his wife's passing stating that he is delinquent 4 months on rent. My father and his wife have never paid rent for that home to the sister or anyone. This home, as mentioned, was inherited by his wife. The only obligation they had were taxes and such. Can I get some direction on what we can do to help my father and his wife's biological daughter with this situation?
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