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  1. Say my husband does talk to an atty. what might his advice be?
  2. they do want my husband. No girlfriend just me, well why does the supervisor incinuate that my info wasn't good enough and I can still go to jail, if the assisting uniforms want to book me and transport. so far they don't but we (me & super) shook hands with a witness and he makes me feel like if It don't work again this week I am going to jail too.
  3. My questions are 1: can the local police do that to his wife and her family and 2: hasn't any ones civil rites been violated?
  4. I have been arrested 4 x for driving on suspended licence,a civil matter I also am disabled on fixed income went to clerk finantial svc for court they sent letter to me due to a finatial hardship that it will turn to collections at year end of 2014.
  5. My husband got arrested, got Put on probation, then released. He got in trouble again the following year 2014, got probation, 1 violation, reinstated prob,and currently in 2nd violation for non- reporting for a year, a fugitive, for a Cl 6 fe open ended Poss of Drug Paraphenillia. can the Supervisor of Probation and 2-3 uniforms go to the home of the Wifes' Mom enter residence and ask mom if subject is there, then goes to backyard and asks the girlfriend if she knows where to find subject and states to wife that she also has a warrant that is active, not telling what charge with a bond amt of $1200, of wich wife informs supervisor that it been turned to collections. He says not accurate info lady, but I am willing to overlook this if you tell me where to find subject. Wife tells of last known whereabouts police leave, return in 2 weeks and speak to wife outside residence and wife asks to get in writing that for her cooperation no warrant reprocussions and for husband to have no knowledge that she helped get him arrested supervisor assures wife and agrees with a handshake from supervisor and uniform accompaniment. 2 more weeks pass wife is living in her personal residence and the supervisor and 3 uniforms show up at 9am force door open get wife out of bed search apt for husband he not there, and before leaving re-inerates to the wife about her warrant and states that if the uniforms want to take you in they can and uniform leader shakes his head to indicate NO and they leave but before supervisor shuts the door he asks the wife if she still has his card and to call him asap when husband returns and wife says to him I thought we had an agreement supervisor says Oh Yeah that still stands but you didn't call me for 7 days and sent me vague text wife says no home phone line sent text via internet and told him sorry for the delay, and super says I'll be back next week then shuts the door and talks to the landlord for 15-20 mins then all police are gone. How do I approach this situation?
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