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  1. Someone please help! I cant find a darn lawyer who care about the kids rather than getting paid. I AM A Iraq and Afghanistan Vet with disability and losing my kids to a sociopathic narcissistic woman. I cant use the Vet services in Texas becasue I am not a Texas resident. Im glad to know that people rather look at a price tag rather then look at the facts and see that an Autistic child to include my other 3 are be being manipulated, coerced, used as collateral, Disparaged in front of, and broken down into thinking this guy that she moved in with while we were still married and I was still deployed. I am divorced and now dealing with the custody battle that has been dragging out over almost 3 years becasue of a personal vendetta she has against me. If you know someone who can help a disabled vet in short noticed please let me know.
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