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  1. Thanks for the reply! I appreciate the feedback.
  2. My wife and son (2 yr old) got very sick due to stomach flu on a flight back to SFO from Dublin, Ireland. I went to pick them up at the airport and waited at the gate for about an hour. When they didn't come out, I called my wife and was informed by her that both she and my son were being treated by the paramedics in the airport in the secure area (after TSA checkpoint so only ticket holders are allowed). She sounded sick and couldn't talk much due to nausea etc and hung up the phone, which got me very worried. A few minutes later, a paramedic called me using my wife's phone asking to meet me at the gate. I asked to see my wife and son, but he ignored it saying they are doing okay and will be taken to the hospital ER for a checkup. He directed me to stay at the gate and someone will come get me and then hung up. I tried calling my wife's number again but no one answered. After another 30 mins, two paramedics came and met me by the gate telling me that they have transferred both my wife and son to the ER at a nearby hospital for a checkup and they were doing fine. I drove to the nearby hospital and found my wife and son in the ER. They both were doing fine and after I talked to my wife, she told me that she also requested to see me in the airport as well, but the paramedics told her that its not possible!!! My question is why would the paramedics not tell me to meet outside of the airport? If they checked and determined that both my wife and son where doing okay in the airport, why couldn't they just let me see my family? Although am thankful of the paramedics and I understand there are many factors in medical situations, both my wife and I think that the ambulance ride was not necessary, i.e. I could have taken both my wife and son to the hospital literally 7 mins away from the airport. Now we are stuck with a $4500 bill from the ambulance alone, which I am not sure will be covered by my insurance fully. Do I have a legal standing in disputing this ambulance charge? What to you guys think? Thanks ~Dan
  3. Dan

    Police Report

    You can always go to the police station that issued the report and submit a supplemental. It is up to the issuing officer to accept the supplemental and update the police report. Also, it is a good idea to update your insurance company about the supplemental.
  4. My wife and I are trying to buy our first home and my father in law is willing to lend us about $50K (for down payments etc), which we will pay back to him. My question is that my father in law will have to transfer money from India to USA. What do we need to show to the IRS to avoid any gift tax or any other type of taxes/fees? Thanks
  5. My mother has type II diabetes for more than 6 years now and about 2 years ago she got injured on work falling down on her hand and injuring both her hand and shoulder. She was approved as partially disabled and received workers compensation. Since her injury at work, she is in chronic pain and take heavy doses of pain killers every day. About 6 months ago she was also put on daily insulin injections because her diabetes is out of control. Please advice if my mother qualifies for disability help from the state of California or Social Security disability? Thanks
  6. Thanks pg1067, appreciate your help!
  7. Thanks for the information everyone. I have another question: Is the 21 days counted for business days only or just general 21 days from the time of vacating? I gave my written 30 days notice on Sep. 13, 2015 (email). I vacated the property on Oct. 11, 2015. I got the partial deposit back on Nov. 13th, 2015.
  8. It broke during its normal functioning circumstances. It was plastic, which wears and tears overtime.
  9. The kitchen faucet was a single handed faucet. You use it like a lever to turn the water on/off or to control the water temperature. During normal use, i.e. turning the water on, the handle just came off from its base, which was plastic. The base still worked without the handle to turn on/off the water and I used super glue to put the handle back on. Once we left the property and a new tenant moved in, the landlord complained to me that the faucet handle was broken. I told him that I fixed it with glue and the faucet works like it suppose to. 30 days later (which by the way is late as California law requires deposit return within 21 days) I received the partial deposit with the deductions. The landlord replaced the entire faucet saying that his handyman could not find a replacement handle for the faucet. The bill he sent me had the following charges: $250 for the faucet $150 for installation (labor) Is this not normal wear and tear? I am sure that if the handle broke during the middle of my tenancy, the landlord would have been responsible of fixing the faucet.
  10. I recently moved out from a property and after 30 days received my partial security deposit back. My landlord deducted $400 to replace the old kitchen faucet that had a broken handle but functioned decently after I glued the plastic handle back. I have told the landlord that the plastic handle broke due to normal wear and tear and not due to accidental or intentional action. My landlord doesn't agree and holds me responsible for the damages and replacement saying that the faucet was only 4 years old. Is the broken plastic handle normal wear and tear? Thanks
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