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  1. I work in an Asian restaurant. The owners has known my family for over 25 years, before I was born. They both drink on a daily basis, from 9 am til we close. I also know that the husband partakes in substance abuse. Anyhow, the husband is the one that's always verbally and sometimes physically abusive. He's made derogatory comments about my intelligence, appearance, and work ethics. I'm a great employee! I know for a fact. His wife tells me constantly how well I do. I've documented a lot of these incidents. There was one time when I was talking to my coworker during our lunch break...We all sit together at one table to eat lunch. The owner began yelling at another employee and blaming him for the chefs using the rolled silverware (designated for customers) instead of regular silverware...? I was still talking to my coworker and I guess he was angry that I didn't stop my conversation while he was talking (although he was NOT talking to me). He then grabbed my ipad out of my hands and threw it to the opposite side of the table! There was also another time I ordered some food for myself during lunch. There was no other customers and I told the chef to make it when he had time. The owner grabbed my ticket and told me that they're not going to make my food and that the next time I put in an order, he will "piss in it". He's even physically abused me! He's pushed me, slapped my arm, grab my cigarettes out of my hand and crushed them! I could go on and on...but I won't. I love everything about my job except him! I love my coworkers, my customers, and the money I make. But I don't know how much longer I can take the abuse!! He jokes about how he LOVES to make his employees cry. He's made EVERY server cry. EVERY SINGLE ONE, man or woman. My boss is an A**H*** that drinks all day, does drugs in front of us, and verbally and physically abuses us (even in front of customers)! What can I do about this? If I just quit, it'll still happen to the present/future employees. There's got to be some way to stop him, right?? ALSO: they've both been arrested for DUI's, wife and husband. The wife twice, and she almost injured a senior citizen when she blacked out and rammed into their car.
  2. My sister lives in San Diego.She moved out there with her girlfriend almost a year ago Her car was recently totaled and the insurance company gave her over $8000 for everything. My sister and her girlfriend were sharing a bank account because my sister trusted and loved her, but the account is under her girlfriend's name only. She gave the insurance company permission to deposit it into her girlfriend's account. But as soon as the money was deposited into the account, she went MIA. I've already told her how incredibly stupid it was for her to do that. So she's currently left with no vehicle and several bills to pay, that belonged to the both of them. I guess my question is: Is there anything, legally, she can do to get her money back? It was deposited into her account, but the check was made out to my sister. She's still in contact with her girlfriend, but she's unwilling to cooperate and give her HER money to pay THEIR bills. Please, ANY advice will help!!! Thanks!!!
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